What Is The Success Rate of ICL Surgery?

What Is The Success Rate of ICL Surgery?

Does ICL work? You betcha! ICL is a very successful way to correct your vision. But how successful? Let's first define what you mean by success. Different people may have different definitions as to what success after ICL means. Let's look at various meanings and see how ICL stacks up.

Is there a chance that ICL will fail to correct prescription?

ICL does NOT fail in correcting prescription (to use too many double negatives). Similar to how you put a contact lens on the eye and your vision improves, ICL does the exact same thing. By putting prescription in the ICL and placing it in the eye, you WILL eliminate prescription. There is no chance after ICL surgery that your prescription will stay the same as what it was before the surgery. ICL doesn't have to "take" in the eye. It works when you put it in.

But you can rephrase the question as "Will ICL correct ALL my prescription?"

This one is a little different. The ICL will correct prescription, but is it accurate enough to completely eliminate prescription in the eye? For the vast majority of patients, ICL will correct ALL their prescription. Detailed measurements of your eye are taken are your visits prior to the ICL surgery. These measurements feed into a specialized calculator to determine the exact ICL power that your eye needs. A wide range of ICL powers exists to accommodate the large spectrum of prescriptions people have. Different ICLs even exist to correct the vast majority of astigmatism. Because of how individualized ICL treatments are, almost everyone after ICL has ALL their prescription corrected.

But there will always be the uncommon few which may have a little residual prescription error. Not every eye behaves like how it should on paper. What these people experience is great vision but not quite perfect vision. They may have a little bit of near-sightedness or some astigmatism remaining causing things to be slightly blurred. For these scenarios, however, that remaining prescription can easily be treated with glasses or potentially a lasik enhancement.

There is also a category of patients who have prescription beyond what the ICL is capable of treating. For these patients, ICL by itself won't be able to fully correct their vision (but still will be able to dramatically improve their vision). Similar to the uncommon few who have remaining prescription after ICL surgery, the patients with too much prescription can also often be fully corrected with a lasik enhancement on top of the ICL.


So by either definition, ICL surgery is very successful. You really won't have to worry after ICL surgery not correcting your vision. Even if you do end up in the uncommon few, options still exist to correct things fully. ICL surgery works very well to correct vision

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